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Add YouTube Watermark Subscribe Button to Your Videos

Add YouTube Watermark Subscribe Button to Your Videos
Add YouTube Watermark Subscribe Button to Your Videos

YouTube Watermark

In this post, I show you exactly how to add a YouTube watermark subscribe button to all of your videos in just a few clicks. As well as how to create custom branding watermark to match your YouTube channel, just using free software.
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Let’s jump into it.

Why add a YouTube watermark

Now, if you’re wondering why you might want one, we’ll outside of being just another branding element, that little watermark becomes a super accessible subscribed button, giving viewers an even easier way to subscribe to your channel. So it’s a cool element of optimization that can help maximize your subscribers. So we’re gonna start off with a quick overview of the key things to keep in mind, before diving into it.

How you can easily create a custom watermark for your channel?
But if you’ve already got that sorted and you have an image that you know you wanna use, that’s ready to go then just skip ahead. Because in the last section, I’m gonna show you how to add it to all your videos in just a few clicks.


What you need to know about a YouTube watermark

Okay a couple of quick things to note about your YouTube watermark or your little subscribe button is that it’s going to be small. So the goal of it is to get people to click and to subscribe. So you wanna make sure that is not too bright and distracting, and also try not to have too much text on there, that is going to be hard to read.
But really you can put anything you like on this image. It could be your face, it could be your logo, but because it is a subscribe button, for us we like to make it look like one. So that’s what it’s obvious that it’s there for and that it’s more likely people are gonna click it. When you’re creating it needs to be a square and it needs to be a maximum of 150 by 150 pixels. And don’t worry, we’re gonna cover this very soon.
But also when you’re uploading it onto YouTube, you actually get to control when it’s shown inside of your videos. Now these will show up and where can be clickable on a desktop. They do show up on mobile devices only when it’s in landscape, not on portrait. But even on landscape they aren’t clickable on mobile device and it’s gonna show really small on mobile. And they also won’t show up if you’re using another video player to embed your video on say your website or somewhere else. So they’re primarily made to work on desktop and on YouTube.


How to create a YouTube watermark

Now, in terms of creating one, you can really use any graphic software out there. You don’t have to be using Photoshop. I’m gonna take you through it and show you how easy they are to create just using a free service called Snappa. There is a free plan that gives you three downloads per month.
And it’s ridiculously cheap. If you do go above that, but this is all we’re gonna be using for this one. There’s lots of presets and templates and things that you can use, but we can go up to the top there and we’re gonna type in our width, which is 150 by 150, you can go create. So we’re left here with an empty canvas.
So this is going to be our graphic. And in here we get to choose any of the photos or anything you wanna use patterns. Now to keep it simple let’s bring up a play button or something in the top here, or a YouTube logo so that it looks like a subscribe button.
So we can come across the edit graphics. And in here, there’s lots of different graphics and things that you can use.
Now obviously you can go through and customize yours out more. After you have made your watermark, then what you wanna do is hit save. So they are saved in your account. Then just wanna come up here to download now, because this image is so small, you can really use any of them, but I’m gonna choose a retina JPG, just so it’s a high quality version that’s coming out. We’re going to save that on our desktop.
Let’s go YT, watermark, and hit save.
And now we’re gonna go and upload that onto our YouTube channel.


How to add a YouTube watermark subscribe button

So you wanna go over to YouTube, open up at your studio dashboard area.
Then down on the left-hand side, you wanna choose customization under branding at the top here.
This is where they’ve moved it to down the bottom here you have video watermark.
And you can see in here that it’s got those requirements again, 150 by 150 pixels is recommended. So we come down here to upload.
We’ll go ahead and select our file here and go open.
We can crop it down if we need to, but by default, we’ve already made what YouTube is after. So we don’t need to crop or scale it let’s choose done.
And our little graphic image there is shown.


YouTube watermark settings

Now next to that, you can actually choose the display time or where this is going to show on your videos. So the default here is just to show at the end of your video in the last 15 seconds of your video, you also get to choose, if you’d like it shown for the entire video from absolute start, right through to the finish, or you can choose a custom start time. Now this is normally what we have our set to so that it shows up at around the 32nd mark, after any ads have popped up or anything like that, then it’s going to show up on the screen. So that’s where we have our set to. Then all you need to do to save this is just come up the top here to publish. And that is now saved and showing on all of your videos.


Where to see your YouTube watermark

So let’s just check out one of our videos and it will show you if we go to around the 32nd mark, you’ll see it appear down the bottom here. And when people put their mouse over it, then that’s where they can subscribe. So that’s how easy it is to create your branded watermark. And so now that, you’ve got your YouTube branding watermark sorted.


How to grow on YouTube

If you want to find out how you can grow faster on YouTube strategically, by doing some keyword research, then check out the posts, linked below, taking you through three tools that you need to know for best results. I’ll see you in there.



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