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YouTube Channel Name | Best Tips For YouTube Channel Names in 2023


YouTube Channel Name
YouTube Channel Name | Best Tips For YouTube Channel Names in 2023


YouTube Channel Name

How to Pick the PERFECT YouTube Channel Name

So, you’ve decided to start a YouTube channel. And the only thing stopping you is coming up with a good name. So, much over you panic and end up typing some sort of Generic Waffle. And then once you’ve done all of that, and here’s a real kick in the teeth, somebody is already gone and claimed it. That’s hilarious.
Now, far from criticizing Generic Waffles channel name.

I actually love it. I said so dozens of times when they showed up on a live stream. So, I want you all to do me a quick favor. Instead of a code word that I usually leave until the end of the video. When you’ve got a chance, go over to one of Generic Waffles videos and posts in the comments, best YouTube channel name ever, because to this day, I’m holding onto that statement.

I’m Mohd Shah Faisal, by the way, welcome to Parallel Resource, educating you on your YouTube journey. And today’s lesson is how to pick the right YouTube channel name.


How to Change Your YouTube channel name

By the way, don’t worry if you have already picked a YouTube channel name, it’s easy to change from the customization screen in the YouTube studio. Just be aware that if you do have a verification check mark against your channel name, you will lose it if you change it.
But I reckon, and this is just a hunch. This is something that you can worry about another day.
Today’s concern is your channel name and how you’re going to create something that’s memorable and rolls off the tongue, Such as CaseyNeistat, MrBeast, PewDiePie, MKBHD, Philip DeFranco, vidIQ, and of course, Generic Waffles.


Things you channel name must do (or must not do)

So, to do this, we’re gonna split picking your channel name into two sections.
First of all, the must haves and then the things to consider.
Let’s start with the must haves. This first one’s more of a things your channel name must not do, but it’s all common sense really. Your channel name must follow community guidelines. So, make sure you check them out before you name your channel something really inappropriate.

Another most, should be having a relatively short channel name. Let me ask you this. And I’m sure somebody is gonna prove me wrong in the comments below, but can you instantly think of any channel names that are longer than five syllables? You know, when I reel off MrBeast, and Pewdie pie, and vidIQ and Generic Waffle, all of those are relatively short and snappy.
Easy to remember. If you’re looking for recommendations here, I would say ideally no more than 30 characters at a max 40 characters, because the longer the channel name is the more difficult it is to spell. You just wanna make it as easy as possible for people to search for you, right?

So, creating channels, if tricky words to spell or awkward words to type out, because you’ve replaced some of the letters with numbers, it just makes you a little less accessible on YouTube. If you look at the most subscribed to channels on YouTube, their names all have things in common. They’re short, not many syllables, easy to spell, and therefore, easy to remember and no numbers. So, this one’s for you fortnite pro, or what is it?

Really consider whether or not your gaming handle works as a YouTube channel name. Also, ideally, your channel must be unique.
First of all, you shouldn’t try and impersonate someone else because A, that’s against YouTube community guidelines and B, what’s the end goal of doing this over than to mislead viewers.
Also, if a channel of a same name already exists on YouTube, it’s highly likely, they’ve already claimed the custom URL. But as a fun bit of trivia, type in and see what you find.
In summary, these all of the things that going to a good channel name for all creators, but now let’s look at some of the things to consider depending on what type of channel you are.


Things you should consider when picking a channel name

And let’s start with Excellent Dude. Do you have any idea what this channel is about?
What about now?
And how about now?
Oh, Excellent Dude. I get it now. That’s pretty cute, is that? One of the goals of your channel, be it through the banner, name, thumbnails, should be to let the viewer know as quickly as possible, whether or not they are in the right place. And quite frankly, this is one of the best small channel examples I have ever seen. And so with that in mind, consider whether or not your channel name should be related in some way to your video topic. I use Excellent Dude as an example, because we audited their channel on a live stream about a year ago, but I still remember their channel name, because it’s so unique and so memorable.

And if you want a big channel example of this look no further than Charisma on Command. You know instantly and instinctively that this channel is going to help me improve my self confidence. I also have a nother example to show you, but fair warning, this does actually break one of the channel name rules I mentioned earlier on. It’s got a number in it. 5-Minute Crafts. It rolls the channel name and value proposition all into one.
Yes, there is a number in the channel name, but it’s used very intentionally or at least it was. When was the last time that channel actually made a video under five minutes? Now, having said all of this, there is the complete opposite approach to choosing a channel name, which is just as valid. And the question to you is, what is the longterm goal of your channel?


Should you use a brand name, personal name or persona?

If you want to build a channel, a community, a business around yourself, then it might be wiser to use your name rather than a video topic related channel name. Philip DeFranco is an example, or indeed a persona such as MrBeast or PewDiePie. Marques Brownlee or MKBHD is one such creator who’s wrestled with this question for over a decade, there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong approach. It’s more to do with how you would like to be known and how you intend to market yourself as a brand. Also side note, YouTube in 2010, just awesome. More things to consider are what are the channel names of those creating similar content to you? Are they more descriptive? More entertaining? Of a personal names, brands, personas? Which style do you prefer?


What keywords and ‘enhancers’ can you use?

Another way to think about this is your keyword universe. What words could you use in your channel name that relate to the people who are going to be watching your content? I took Apple as the keyword example and looked at how channels both big and small represent themselves. Some try to cover everything Apple, others focus on the art of the company. iPhone education, the inside track in using updates. Every channel has an agenda, even the anarchist. When I think about this, I do combat to the Charisma on Command that channel name example. It’s the perfect blend of explaining what the view is looking for and how this channel will empower the viewer to reach that goal. With all that in mind, you might wanna try this exercise.

First of all, write down some of the words that you are going to associate yourself within your video topic.
Next, write down a list of words that emphasize what you intend to do on the channel. Be the biggest, the fastest, the most powerful, and then just have a play around with those words. Mix them together and see what you come up with. I’m not saying that you’ll definitely come out of this with a channel name, but you may have a better idea of how your messaging your content to your target audience. So, consider all of these things when you’re picking your channel name. If you are brand new to YouTube, this is how you start your channel. And that’s enough Generic Waffle for me for one video.



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