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How to Get 100K Subs on YouTube: 9 Tips to Grow a YouTube Channel

How to Get 100K Subs on YouTube
How to Get 100K Subs on YouTube

How to Get 100K Subs on YouTube

We’re gonna be covering nine super powerful tips that most new YouTube creators miss that will help you grow your YouTube channel from zero to 100K subscribers much faster.
Hey, it’s Mohd Shah Faisal here from Parallel Resource, where we help you grow an audience and scale your revenue with online video.

Starting out on YouTube can be frustrating, overwhelming.
And as a beginner, there is lots to learn.
It takes longer to create videos.
And without knowing how to really optimize them, they don’t get any views or subscribers.
It’s incredibly demotivating, and why most creators quit before they see any traction.
Fortunately, some of the simplest tweaks that we’ve made to our channel,and our video optimization process have yielded the biggest results.
So this Post is about skipping the learning curve, so you can get some of those results now.
So let`s dive proper into 9 matters which you have to put in force proper now so that you can set your channel up to maximise consequences


1. You wanna make sure that you’ve got your channel completely set up.

So pass and log into your YouTube channel, and open up the studio dashboard area.
Down at the left hand side, you`ll see customization, and you then definitely wanna arise to branding.
Now, first of all in right here you wanna ensure which you have a profile photo added.
So for us, with our channel, we simply use a image of me, however it can additionally be a organization emblem or a channel emblem relying on what you`re after.

Next, you wanna make certain you`ve were given a banner photograph delivered as well.
This is the photograph that is going on the pinnacle of your YouTube channel page.
So that is a extraordinary possibility a good way to get innovative and to create some thing that actually stands out, however additionally it shall we human beings realize what your channel is about.
step-by-step creating your own banner image. And you also wanna add a video watermark. This is a bit clickable photo that looks on pinnacle of your films that human beings can click on directly to enroll in your channel.

Once you’ve checked you’ve got those three things sorted, you wanna come across to the basic info tab at the top, and you wanna make sure that you’ve got a channel description entered. This is where you can type in a few sentences or paragraphs about what your channel is about, and the types of content that you’re gonna be releasing on there. And this article will display up to your YouTube channel below the approximately section. If you keep scrolling down, you can also add in links to your YouTube channel as well. So you can be linking off in your website, your different social media profiles or maybe any lead magnets or unfastened PDF downloads or publications and matters that you`ve got, you may hyperlink the ones in right here as well. From there, you can set how many of those links will actually be shown at the top of your YouTube channel page.

So you can see, we’ve currently got five selected.
And I`d additionally suggest you including in an e-mail cope with down within side the backside beneath touch info, in order that human beings can touch you in the event that they wanna paintings with you or collaborate.
The different aspect you wanna take a look at is that you have demonstrated your YouTube channel in order that you have unlocked get admission to to all of the features.
So you wanna come right all the way down to the lowest left-hand nook to settings, then over to channel, after which characteristic eligibility. If you are seeing the choice there to confirm your channel, then you’ll want to do it both over the phone, or thru a textual content message to free up all the more features.
So all of that became wide variety one, ensuring your channel is installation correctly.

How to Get 100K Subs on YouTube

2. To research before you create your content.

This is one in every of the most important errors we see quite a few human beings make, and we made this error while we first began out out, and while our channel wasn`t growing.So doing this topic or keyword research is gonna allow you to be really strategic with the content that you’re creating. It`s gonna permit you to recognize that there may be demand, and recognize that human beings truly need the content material that you are gonna create earlier than you create it, saving you a ton of wasted time on developing stuff that nobody can discover or that nobody truly wants. But doing this studies is likewise gonna permit you to join and interact together along with your visitors on a deeper degree, due to the fact you may have in addition insights into what degree they may be at.

Are they absolute beginner?
Are they further advanced, and what do they actually need and want from your content?
So then whilst you visit movie your video, you recognize precisely who it’s miles you`re speak to, and at what level, making it a clearly effective video in your visitors watching.

Now a super location initially studies is simply over on YouTube itself.
You wanna move as much as the hunt bar on the top, and you could begin typing in a pair of various phrases associated with your subject matter or niche, and simply see what YouTube is auto suggesting.
These auto suggestions aren’t just random suggestions. These are things that people have and are actually searching for, showing you that people want this stuff and that there is demand for this content.
Now you could take this one step in addition with the aid of using the usage of an underscore or the little line throughout the bottom, and this is largely dealt with as a wild card, or a fill within side the blank.
So in this situation right here we`ve were given the way to _healthy. And the recommendations now which might be popping out from YouTube are the way to get healthful hair, the way to make healthful pancakes. So you could see it is sincerely giving us recommendations round the ones phrases that we have got included.
So you could see we are getting all this insight, simply from YouTube and simply with the aid of using typing in some phrases round our topic, round our niche.Now to help you even further with your keyword research, we’ve pulled together a free keyword research guide that I’ll link at the end of this video.

How to Get 100K Subs on YouTube

3. To engage as much as possible.

Remember, each viewer on the opposite stop is a actual person. The greater you may join and interact with them, the deeper the connection you`ll construct with them, the greater know, like, and accept as true with you will construct with them. The greater they will wanna come lower back, and devour greater of your content material, the quicker your channel will grow.
So while you launch a brand new video, your aim ought to be in that first 24 to forty eight hours after, to get as a few of the proper human beings to your video as viable, however additionally to interact and have interaction with them as tons as viable as well.
Now I say the proper human beings. I do not imply cross and inform your buddies and own circle of relatives to return back over and watch that will help you out to bump up your views. You need the proper human beings which are in reality going to be interested by your content material and watch it proper the manner through, and additionally come lower back and watch more of your content as well.

So this would mean promoting by any means necessary. If you have a following on Facebook, Twitter, or any of these other platforms of the right people that are interested in that topic of the video, then yes, via way of means of all means, proportion it out and try and get them over to observe your video.
Having the incorrect human beings come over and watch your video that will help you out can in reality gradual down your channel boom due to the fact you`re difficult YouTube at that point.
You additionally wanna cognizance on attractive and interacting together along with your target target market the first-class you may. In your video content, if you are capable of ask them to go away a remark down below, or inspire them to get worried within side the feedback, or to provide the video a thumbs up.
All of this may assist as well. And then it is your intention once more to attempt to reply to and engage with as some of the properly feedback as you may.
Another exceptional manner that you may construct that know, like, and trust, and that engagement together along with your visitors is via way of means of going for walks a stay circulation sometimes as well.
Don’t worry, it is now no longer required however it virtually.


4. Thumbnail strategy.

This one is super important.
You could have the world’s best video. If no one clicks it, no one’s gonna see it.
So you want to get their click, this means that you want to have an attractive, an engaging, an eye-catching thumbnail in order that it receives clicked.
So for us, we use vibrant colors and photograph elements. We`ll use massive formidable text. And we typically have my face on there pointing, smiling or doing some thing silly.
Again, simply to seize human beings’s attention. But the great case situation together along with your thumbnail pics is having human beings effortlessly being capable of understand what your video is ready simply from searching on the thumbnail photograph with out even wanting to examine the identify of the video.

5. To keep people engaged and watching your videos.

It’s no good to you or to the viewer, if someone clicks on your video and then they leave right away.
That`s a horrific signal, and YouTube is gonna prevent selling and pushing your content.
So you wanna be hooking your visitors into your video at once allowing them to realize that they are within side the proper place.
Letting them realize that you are surely going to cowl off at the topic, or to entertain them, or to do what you stated you have been going to do within side the name and within side the thumbnail of your video.
So do not drag out your video intro. Make it short, sharp, punchy, and allow humans realize they are within side the proper place.

How to Get 100K Subs on YouTube


6. To utilize playlists.

Playlists are an fantastic device on YouTube so as to truely assist you manual the viewer journey, and feature humans looking extra of your content material.
So basically what a playlist is, is a collection of YouTube motion pictures which you get to specify which motion pictures are in there, and what order they`re going to play.
You can create as many playlists as you like.
And every playlist has the capacity to rank and display up on YouTube as though it turned into its very own devoted piece of content material.
So much like a ordinary video, a playlist will have a identify or a name, and it could actually have a description, wherein you are capable of installed a few key phrases and key terms to assist humans locate and devour that content material.
You also can use playlists for your YouTube channel web page to assist institution and separate extraordinary varieties of content

How to Get 100K Subs on YouTube

7. To think of the viewer journey.

We wanna be mindful that we are creating a good experience with our content for the viewer and for YouTube.
So one of the matters that YouTube is calling at is how lengthy a viewer remains at the platform,how lengthy their YouTube consultation is going for.And if we are able to assist the viewer live at the platform longer via way of means of them looking certainly considered one among our motion pictures after which flowing via and looking different motion pictures afterwards, that may be a properly indicator to YouTube that we’ve got saved a consultation going, and that we`re now no longer a consultation killer.
No one desires to be a consultation killer.
If humans are leaving your motion pictures, and leaving YouTube altogether, that may be a horrific indicator to YouTube, and YouTube’s probable gonna prevent selling that video and pushing that video out if on every occasion humans watch it, they go away YouTube and do not come lower back.

How to Get 100K Subs on YouTube

So what we wanna do right here is take a step lower back. And we wanna bear in mind what’s the following pleasant video for our visitors when they have watched certainly considered one among our motion pictures?
So you are gonna examine the character topic. If I became looking this particular video in this topic, what’s the following pleasant video for me?
And in case you do not have that subsequent pleasant video in your channel, then hyperlink them off to some other channel that does.
This goes to create ties among your content material and that different channels content material. You may want to do it to a miles larger channel specially if the target target market overlap is there. This goes to companion your channel visitors with their channel visitors, and you are more likely to reveal up in recommended and endorsed off the lower back of them.
But, you are capable of additionally hold that viewer happy, hold that view of getting a terrific experience.
So in case you do not have the following pleasant video to your viewer, then hyperlink off to a channel that does.
You can usually come lower back later and switch it out for yours while you have


8. To build an email list.

This is some thing that`s now no longer most effective gonna assist you develop your YouTube channel, it is also gonna assist you construct that know, like, and trust, and deepen that relationship, and deepen that communication together along with your maximum dependable fanatics and followers.
But it is also some thing that permit you to construct your on-line business, and produce in new sales streams as well.
Building an e mail listing is so powerful, due to the fact it is your direct line of conversation for your maximum dependable people. The people that are choosing and wanting to hear more from you.And at any given moment you can directly communicate with them without any algorithm or any notification system stopping that communication.

How to Get 100K Subs on YouTube

9. To implement, learn, tweak, and evolve, and repeat.

By adopting a growth mindset, you’re going to have success on YouTube much faster.
YouTube is not an overnight thing.
YouTube is the long game.
So by taking the approach of what can I improve on every single time? That’s gonna stack up. That 1% improvement on each little task over time is going to add up and add up, and you will see results, you will see growth much, much faster.
So always push to be implementing, learning, tweaking, evolving. And then, going through it again.
And trust me, it does get easier.
So now, if you`re equipped to stage up your key-word studies and give you subjects of movies which you recognize human beings want, and assist you get your content material to the pinnacle of Google and YouTube.
Then make sure you’re grabbing your free copy of our YouTube ranking guide which is linked below and I’ll see you in the next post.

How to Get 100K Subs on YouTube


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