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How to Get More Views | DOUBLE Your Views In Just 5 Minutes!

How to Get More Views | DOUBLE Your Views In Just 5 Minutes!
How to Get More Views | DOUBLE Your Views In Just 5 Minutes!

How to Get More Views

What if you could double your YouTube views with just a few minutes of work? For most people, this sounds like a bit of a pipe dream, but it’s actually quite simple. All you need is a little bit of creativity and a YouTube title formula I’m about to share with ya. All right,
I want you to answer this question in the comments below with just a single word, that being either before or after. And that question is, when do you decide on your video title? Before or after you make the video? And to find out why that’s really important, keep reading until the end.

How to Get More Views

Small Channels write rubbish titles

Now, one big reason why small channels never get more than a few hundred views on their YouTube videos is because they are terrible, truly, truly awful at writing titles. Now you know what I’m talking about, right? Those boring generic titles that never get any clicks. But if you’re guilty of this, don’t worry, you’re not alone.


The YouTube title formula

At Parallel Resource, after a thousand posts, we still sometimes struggle with titles. If we see, after a couple of hours, a post is performing poorly, we’ll accept that we’ve made a mistake and revamp that title. And that formula can be summed up in three words, Fear, curiosity and desire. So if you can learn how to master those three emotions, you can get really good on YouTube. And it’s not just YouTube titles, like, we’re talking about thumbnails, intros, email subject lines, Twitter threads. This is kind of the study of getting people’s attention, and then getting them to click.
– So Faisal, when you talk about fear, of desire and curiosity, which one of these emotions is the most powerful?
– Definitely curiosity. Now I’ve talked to people like Derral Eves, Pat Flynn, and both of those guys said, it’s one thing, curiosity.
– Faisal says that you can mix curiosity with fear or desire for even more powerful results.
But curiosity is always the main emotional driver. When you feel curious about something, your brain cannot resist the urge to find out more. And that’s what you need to tap into with your titles. Fear is powerful because we, as humans, are wired to avoid pain and danger. And desire is obviously something that we all feel on a daily basis. We desire knowledge, money, success, the list goes on. And these emotions are universal.
Don’t use your channel niche as an excuse not to try them. Whether you are a gaming beauty or a tech channel, you can use curiosity combined with fear and desire to make incredibly powerful titles.


YouTube Title Power Phrases

So how do you use these emotions to write titles that win you the click? Well, we’re going to do it through the help of this currently censored list of 10 power phrases you can use to level up your titles. The first one being, change the viewers life.
– There’s a couple reasons why it works. It’s a little vague, right? So, it’s kind of an open loop. Change my life could mean something different for me, and it could mean something different for you. So one has a little bit of curiosity. And two, it speaks to to a big desire. You know, many people would love to change their lives. So the truth about that opens up a loop, right? It starts a story, but it doesn’t finish it. Like if you see that title, you have to say, “Oh my gosh, what is the truth about?”
Usually it has kind of like a negative connotation there. Like, you know, the truth about like, you know, everybody thinks this way, but like, you know, here’s the real truth, right? So a little bit of negativity there. It’s kind of revealing a secret as well. Like, oh, you’re getting some insider information about what’s actually happening.
– Opening a loop. We’ve heard that phrase a couple of times already. What does it mean?
– An opening up a loop is the most common way that I’ve seen people build curiosity. People also call it a curiosity gap. You know, there’s a gap between what you know and what you want to know. You know, the audience, they have kind of like, a need to fill that gap. Opening up a loop, is the kind of the easiest way to build curiosity, and the most popular one.


Title Research

Now I’ll get back to those phrases in a second, but what if you don’t have the skills and the creativity to turn those phrases into titles? Well, here’s what Jake recommends you should do.
– I’ve asked a bunch of creators, you know, what is your secret to writing good YouTube titles? And a lot of them have said, “I just model what works.” If you go outside of your industry and you find kind of a good hook, then you can take that, you know, spin it for your channel, and then you can write a better YouTube title from that. And this is actually how I didn’t get fired from my job as a YouTube channel manager.
– Anything that doesn’t get you fired from your job is pretty sound advice in my book. Getting good titles requires effort and research, and to help you along the way, we’ve got two suggestions.
Secondly, check out some very own AI title generator, those are designed to produce highly engaging title ideas.Those has all of the popular power phrases we’ve been talking about, built in and much more. All you need to do is enter a phrase that describes your video and click “Get Title Ideas.” Even free users have a limited access to those tool, so take it for a spin.

A complete Title power phrase list

Now then, back to that list. If you want to double your YouTube views with very little effort, start using some of these power phrases in your YouTube titles. Try typing these phrases into YouTube search and see what you find. And plug them into those AI title generator. You may be surprised at the quality of titles it creates. And when should you do all of this?
Before you start your video. That’s what we did with this video. And it helped us plan, script, film and edit it, because throughout the entire process, we knew the emotional goal of the video.
So thank you, Faisal for the YouTube starter kits on writing better titles. So yes, titles are important, but if you wanna take your views to an insane level, you need to figure out how to get YouTube to recommend your content, and those post which are linked below will tell ya how.

Let me show you something truly incredible.
If you get this right, long after a video’s published it can get tons of views from end screens. In this case, more than 50% of its traffic. YouTube end screens are turning this video into evergreen content. And what’s more when people watch a video from an end screen they tend to watch for longer than other traffic sources.
So if you wanna know how to do exactly that on your channel, then I highly recommend reading this post over here.
Yes. That’s how you do self-promotion the right way.

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