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How To Make Money From YouTube | YouTube Monetization Explained

Last updated on October 16, 2022

How To Make Money From YouTube
How To Make Money From YouTube

How To Make Money From YouTube | YouTube Monetization Explained.

This is our complete guide to YouTube Monetization.

We’re gonna cover all the ways that you can make money from YouTube once you’ve reached the YouTube partner program requirements. Plus, I`m additionally gonna percentage with you my primary tip to assist get you monetized sooner.

As we’re going through, scroll down and let me know in the comments if your channel is already monetized,
what’s your number one tip to help others who are still on their journey to those requirements. And if you`re now no longer monetized yet, do not worry. There’s nonetheless masses of approaches that you may make cash on YouTube regardless of a small channel.

We`ll cowl off greater on that as we cross through, however the consciousness of this submit is what approaches can you are making cash from YouTube, wherein it is YouTube paying you for basically importing content material and having a YouTube channel.


How To Make Money From YouTube

Let’s get the obvious stuff outta the way first in order to be paid from YouTube, you need to be part of their YouTube partner program, which means you need to have reached the milestones of 1,000 subscribers on your channel and 4,000 hours of watch time in the previous 12 months.
Your account also has to be in good standing. So you can’t have a heap of copyright claims or anything like that on your content. And you have to be living in an area where the YouTube partner program is rolled out, which is most places.
From there you could observe to be within side the accomplice program. And once you’re in there, you can head over to your YouTube studio Dashboard area, on the left, there is a button for monetization. And in there you may see what you`ve presently were given get right of entry to to and you may flip matters on and off. So as for the unique approaches you may make cash from YouTube.

How To Make Money From YouTube | YouTube Monetization Explained

1. YouTube ads

Where you receive a revenue split with YouTube from companies, Or businesses, or humans walking advertisements for your videos. So the revenue split from those ads is a 45, 55% split between you and YouTube. With YouTube taking 45% and you, the creator, receiving 55%.
Now how much money you receive really does come down to your specific channel and how much money companies or businesses are paying to run ads on your videos. So if you`ve were given a video it truly is blown up and it is absolutely popular, and lots of humans are seeking to run commercials on it, it basically turns into a bidding with them as to who is gonna pay the best amount.

And obviously the more they’re paying for the ads, the more money you can make. And this doesn’t mean that you need to have every one of your videos take off and go viral. If you’re releasing videos on a constant upload schedule, then over time, you’re gonna have more videos with ads on them and add earning potential that can grow and scale that way as well. And even for a channel our size with currently around 400 videos on it, there’s really a handful of videos that are bringing in the bulk of our YouTube revenue each and every month.
Now it’s a really good idea to keep in mind when you’re creating your videos, that if they are advertiser friendly. Meaning, that they don’t have any illegal stuff or a lot of swearing in there, then there’s more likely going to be companies that would wanna run ads on your videos. And so my suggestion is to try and keep them PG or family friendly wherever you can. Now for every man or woman video you’ve got got to your channel, you’ve got got the cappotential to permit or disable monetization. You can also select the different types of ads that can be run on that video, and even the location or where those ads are displayed, so before the video, during the video, or after the video.
So that`s the primary manner you may make cash from YouTube with advert revenue


2. YouTube Memberships

So you can essentially think of this like YouTube’s version of Patreon or even your own monthly membership subscription that’s run and managed through your YouTube channel. So your followers, your viewers, your subscribers, they can pay you monthly in return for what YouTube calls “perks”. Now you, because the channel owner, have manage over what perks are enabled or not. And they may be such things as one of a kind motion pictures that handiest display up or handiest displayed on your individuals, one of a kind stay streams, one of a kind network posts as well. And you could additionally permit individuals handiest badges and emojis too.
So if you`re a person that does a number of stay streams, that is gonna assist your channel individuals stand out, and sense like they may be a part of your network.

To set it up, you wanna head over to the Monetization area and go the top to Memberships. You can then come down and installation your club offer. In here, you could installation the one of a kind ranges or one of a kind quantities of cash that your individuals could be paying you every month and what every one of these ranges unlocks. And you can see here, we can create these tiers ranging from $1.49 per month, right up to $199 per month.

Now that is proven in Australian dollars, and for you, it`ll be proven to your currency. And then to have your visitors and subscribers surely be a part of and emerge as a member, as soon as you have enabled this and you have got set all of it up, there can be a Join button that indicates up beneath your videos. They simply want to click on on that, select out the plan that they would really like to sign on on, after which they may be contributors of your channel.
Our YouTube memberships does have a revenue split with YouTube as well, meaning that you don’t get all the money that comes through here. It’s currently a 70/30 split. With you making the 70% and YouTube taking 30.

How To Make Money From YouTube | YouTube Monetization Explained


3. The Merchandise Shelf

So this is something you can set up that will display underneath your videos and where your fans or your viewers can cycle through, and view, and purchase official merchandise from you.
Now, currently you can display up to 30 products in that carousel, but you’ve also got link there to take people to your online store. So as a way to do this, you do want to have a web save set up, however YouTube does assist you and step you via the process, in case you don`t have one already running. There is a listing of authorised businesses like Spreadshop and Spring which have created partnerships with YouTube to make all of this seamless.
Now, the necessities to allow this Merch Shelf are a touch bit greater than the normal YouTube accomplice program. You will want to have a channel this is presently at 10,000 subscribers or greater, however in case you’re interested by promoting merch for your viewers, that is a high-quality manner that you may show off that to them.


4. YouTube Supers

Which are really three separate features under that one banner.
So you’ve got Super Stickers, Super Chat, and now, Super Thanks as well. And all of them are essentially some way that your viewers can tip or donate to you for the content that you’ve created.
Now, if you`re doing stay streams in your channel and you’ve Super Stickers and Super Chat enabled, then it’s wherein your visitors can donate to you or ship you a decal wherein you get hold of cash in actual time even as you are stay. Super Chats and Super Stickers will most effective paintings even as you are stay. They do not paintings in your ordinary uploaded videos, however it’s wherein Super Thanks steps in. And that’s again, where once you’ve got it enabled on your channel, a little thanks button will show up beneath your videos. Your viewers can click on that and they can choose how much to donate to you. Now we have a full video just covering off on YouTube Thanks, so I’ll link that one up in the cards, but if you are already monetized, then likely, you’ve got access to this feature now, too.

How To Make Money From YouTube | YouTube Monetization Explained

And it isn’t enabled by default. So again, you wanna head over to your Dashboard area to that Monetization page, click on Supers up the top, and if your channel is eligible, you’ll see the ability in here to turn on Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks.
Now with all three of these supers, now your viewer has the ability to not just donate or tip you, that also send you a message if you’re live in the chat or leave you a comment, if they’re using Super Thanks. Now, the ones feedback and messages also are designed to appearance a bit bit special so they stand out. So they emerge as featured feedback to your channel and featured messages on your chat, even as you`re live, so you can without problems see them. And so that they stand out for other people looking at your videos too.

How To Make Money From YouTube | YouTube Monetization Explained


5. YouTube Premium Revenue

So for those of you that aren’t aware YouTube does have a paid option. Where you pay a monthly fee and it gives you access to exclusive content. But also It eliminates all of the advertisements from YouTube, making YouTube, definitely amazing.
Once you’ve tried this, it’s very hard to go back to YouTube with ads. But obviously in terms of revenue, this does mean that if people are watching your videos and they are a YouTube Premium subscriber. And they’re not seeing ads and you’ve got ads on, on your channel, then you won’t be making money from those viewers.
So now in phrases of the sales, what YouTube does with the cash it`s making from the YouTube Premium subscriptions. A percent of this is given again as sales for channels which are monetized for the perspectives that they get on their channel from the ones top class subscribers, in order that they are nevertheless capable of make a few cash through, due to the fact they are now no longer eligible for advertisements or they are now no longer seeing advertisements.
So in phrases of the way an awful lot cash you could truly make from this, it does come right all the way down to what number of perspectives in your films are coming from folks who are at the YouTube Premium subscription.
And obviously, the cash is shared throughout YouTube. So if you have lots of perspectives from those YouTube Premium subscribers, then you will make more.

Now for us in comparison, the amount that we make from YouTube Premium subscriptions versus what we make for YouTube Ads is really chalk and cheese. We make loads greater from YouTube Ads than we do from YouTube Premium subscription views.


6. YouTube Shorts Creator Fund

So in case you ask a person who’s growing and importing YouTube Shorts, so YouTube`s solution to TikTok or Instagram Reels, then you may make cash if the ones shorts carry out well.
Now, if you don’t know what YouTube shorts are. You wanna find out more of another post linked here to help you with that.
Now this is something that’s likely gonna change. But right now, YouTube has allocated $100 million to this Shorts Creator Fund. And there may be a percent of that this is given out to creators every and each month. Primarily based totally on the quantity of perspectives or overall performance of the YouTube Shorts which you are creating.

To be eligible to receive money from the YouTube Shorts Fund. You do need to be obviously uploading YouTube Shorts content, you need to have uploaded at least one in the last 180 days, and it does need to be original content. You can’t just grab your TikTok video with the TikTok watermark and upload it as Shorts. That video won’t be eligible and you need to be a minimum of 13 years old. If you do qualify for the shorts fund on any given month. Then you’ll receive an email and a notification in the YouTube app, and they say that qualifying channels can receive anywhere from $100 to $10,000, depending on the performance of the Shorts they’re creating.

So those are the different ways that you can make money from YouTube itself.

How To Make Money From YouTube | YouTube Monetization Explained


Now, earlier in the post, I said, I’d also share with you my number one tip to help get you monetized sooner. And it’s actually something to help you grow your YouTube channel faster, which is gonna lead to it being monetized faster, and that is to be strategic about the content that you make.
Don’t simply produce random videos or simply transfer for the sake of uploading. I would like you to be strategic within the content that you just area unit making.
So this does not mean that you just ought to transfer daily or thrice per week. For us, we upload one strategic video per week and that’s been more than enough for us to grow to where we are and to build the business that we have off the back of our channel too.
So to help you be more strategic with the content you’re creating. I’ve got a post linked in below to help you get to that thousand subscriber milestone fast.
Now while the YouTube Monetization options are great, there’s other ways that you can generate income from your channel too.

In fact, our biggest source of income right now is Affiliate Marketing. So to see exactly how we do it and how you can get started. And check out the posts linked in below on how to start affiliate marketing for beginners.
I’ll see you in there.

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