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If you’re reading a post like this, it’s likely because you have goal you’re trying to achieve on YouTube. Maybe that’s 1,000 subscribers and channel monetization, or maybe you’re thinking big picture and you’d like to get that silver play button.



Focus on Getting ONE Subscriber Every DAY

Let’s take a step back though. If you don’t understand your audience, who your content’s actually for, these goals could be impossible to ever reach.
So today I don’t wanna focus on getting your first 100, 1000 or even 100,000 subscribers.
Today, I wanna focus on getting one subscriber because if you can guarantee yourself one subscriber every single day, then there’s no reason you can’t guarantee yourself two subscribers a day or 10.



How to Find your Ideal YouTube Viewer

What we’re gonna do is create a hypothetical YouTube channel specifically designed to appeal to Jamie.
Who’s Jamie?
Well, Jamie is a hypothetical person and an example to explain all these stuff.
The idea here is that we’re trying to get as many Jamie’s as possible to subscribe to our channel every day. However, we don’t really know anything about them yet, except that they’re are completely made up. So we get to decide who we want Jamie to actually be. To do this, we’re gonna start with something that you inherently love. The thing that you would like to make your YouTube channel about in the first place ideal. For the sake of this post though, let’s say that you love collectibles and none are more fun to collect than Pokemon trading cards in your opinion. And in making that one decision we just made about our YouTube channels. We just learned our first fact about Jamie. They too love collecting Pokemon trading cards.


Unfortunately we just don’t know what types of Pokemon trading card videos they would actually watch and then subscribe for. And that is where the research comes in. And this should be easy because this is a very active community. So finding YouTube channels, Discord servers and subreddits shouldn’t be a problem. Of course I say that, but you should probably understand that this step, this research phase is a whole lot easier when you love what you’re covering on YouTube.
But again, hypothetically, we do love Pokemon trading cards, so this is gonna be easy. What we’re trying to do right now is give Jamie a more well rounded profile. So it’s really important that we take our time and learn everything we can about the people love this hobby.

Now, of course, we don’t have a ton of time to do that today. So we’re just gonna focus on a couple of things, but obviously when you’re doing your own research, you’ll wanna dive a lot deeper. We’ll get our research by doing the most obvious search we can think of on YouTube, which is Pokemon cards. And it looks like there is a lot of new content ranking for this term right now we have massive channels getting tens of thousands of views in their first day of uploading.

How Competitive is your YouTube Niche?

Let’s take a quick look at the VidIQ search panel because when we look at the search term Pokemon cards, we have some score out of a hundred for an overall score. The closer that is to a hundred, the better. This means that the volume of searches is very high and the competition is medium, it’s right down the middle. We’ve already decided what we’re gonna cover on this hypothetical YouTube channel. But after seeing this, I feel even better about this decision. So after looking at some of the largest channels in this space on YouTube, we’ve learned one thing about Jamie, potentially, they love watching people unbox Pokemon trading cards.


Researching YOUR Niche OUTSIDE of YouTube

So the next thing you wanna do is take some notes, write these things down as you’re doing your research. And there’s obviously a lot we can still learn just on YouTube alone, but we’re gonna look at some other communities as well to see what’s going on. In just taking a quick glance at this post, we can see that people are talking about having their childhood collections graded to learn their value. Now I’ll be honest, I don’t actually know a lot about Pokemon trading cards so the concept of grading is kind of new to me.
However, that might be another fact about Jamie that we need to discuss. And now as the creators behind those channel, you and I get to make a decision.

Do we want our hypothetical Pokemon trading card channel to be specifically for people who are just getting into the hobby? This decision changes the entire course of the post we’re going to be making. On a very personal level, I actually relate to that content more because I don’t actually in reality know a lot about Pokemon trading cards. So in this case, I’m gonna say yes, I’m gonna say that Jamie is somebody who new to collecting Pokemon cards, but they desperately want to get into it.


Obviously there’s a lot more we can learn from the subreddit, so if this was the niche you were looking in, you’d wanna spend a lot of time here, but now we’re gonna look for another area of the internet where fans of this hobby might be hanging out and that is Discord. I’m gonna do a quick search for Pokemon cards and using Discord’s discover feature we see a lot of different communities come up.

What I’m specifically looking for are the names of these communities, what they claim they’re about, and perhaps the amount of members within them and low and behold, there’s a couple back to back ones here, we have Pokemon trading card deals and they have 13,000 members and then there’s our Reddit community again, but on Discord with 11,000 members. If Jamie is somebody who’s just getting into these hobby, I think we’re gonna wanna learn a lot about how to score deals on these cards.

So I’m gonna join Pokemon trading card deals. Discords are often broken up into different sections and this one is just like a lot of the ones I’ve been in and we have a section here for deals and you see the different channels lighting up right now. There’s Amazon, barnes-and-noble, best-buy, eBay, game stop all the different places where you can find Pokemon cards and this community is going in and just sharing things that they’re finding.


For example, somebody who walked into their local target saw this giant display of cards. So let’s go back to our list, we know that Jamie is somebody who loves watching videos, where people are unboxing Pokemon trading cards. We also know that they’re very new to the hobby of collecting Pokemon trading cards and therefore, they’re probably gonna be out there looking for deals.
Another thing I learned while searching through that discord server is that Pokemon cards can be incredibly expensive in seeing that it kind of leads me to another philosophical question about Jamie is Jamie trying to collect Pokemon cards to make money or are they trying to collect them for the sake of just building the biggest, most amazing collection that they can? For the sake of this hypothetical channel

I’m gonna make my final bullet point about Jamie is that they are somebody who just loves collecting Pokemon cards, selling them in the future, not out of the question, but right now their focus is on getting as many as they can for the best price that they can find.


Why you NEED a Channel Focus on YouTube

And so this is everything we now know about Jamie, our ideal person that we’re trying to target with our brand new YouTube videos about Pokemon trading cards. Now it’s entirely possible that you as the creator of those channel have other interests and maybe Jamie does too. Maybe you love hiking, cooking, reading, or trading stocks, but in all the research we just did, that never came up, none of that has been confirmed about Jamie, our ideal viewer. So let’s stick with what we know and going forward, that means our next video and videos in the future are gonna be about a few different things. We’re gonna be doing card unboxings. We’re gonna be making videos about finding the best deals on Pokemon cards.


And maybe we’ll make some videos about products, things you can use to protect your cards and maybe display them in a cool way. Those types of videos appeal to a very specific audience. And thanks to the research we just finished doing, we know that there are thousands of people across multiple communities that would watch these types of videos. Now your job is to get one of those people, just one to subscribe to your channel every single day. And with that all in perspective, getting just one subscriber a day or one Jamie a day in our case seems more than doable. And if you’re thinking just one Jamie a day, that’s not nearly enough Jamie’s then I would invite you to read my other posts, because it’s gonna help you get a lot more Jamies.



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