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YouTube Studio Monetization | I got MONETIZED as fast as I could

YouTube Studio Monetization
YouTube Studio Monetization | I got MONETIZED as fast as I could

YouTube Studio Monetization

So YouTube have just emailed me and told me that I’m monetized, which is great. Because I only started my channel six weeks ago. So there’s the email they sent me here’s my watch time i’m kind of shocked at, How well this has worked. I started a new YouTube channel to see how fast I could get monetized and documented the whole process.
So in this post I’m going to show you just how that happened as well as this all of these emails are from brands reaching out to do a sponsorship on the channel which is just bonkers growing a YouTube channel is incredibly hard and every day thousands of people around the world put crazy amounts of effort into trying to do it.

But the reason, this challenge started was because when I went to make the whole get monetized on YouTube video and did my usual research to see the advice out there on it realized something. If I started again now and pretty much do none of the things that we get told to do I wouldn’t devote much time to search I probably wouldn’t promote my videos outside of YouTube at all. I just focus on making videos for people not algorithms well let’s face it. If i`d made a video pronouncing you need to bear in mind this method. It’s all just talk right. So I thought well, I’ll start again and just document the process to getting 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in an attempt to help new creators discover another way of doing things. So I got down to do simply that.
The first thing to do was to set some goals, okay.
So my purpose right here isn`t virtually to get monetized. I assume this is a terrible purpose as it forces you to chase visitors and subscribers now no longer the proper sort of visitors and subscribers.

YouTube Studio Monetization

Build a Community of YouTube

So my first purpose is to construct a network of YouTube visitors who’re all honestly inquisitive about the content, I make. I need as many mega fanatics of the subject as possible. Because, I sense like those men are simply certainly going to be much more likely to click on at the content, once they see it in addition to watch it for longer.


Get YouTube Suggesting videos to these peoples

My plan to do that is to get YouTube to signify the movies I make to those human beings. I’m not gonna promote one video outside of YouTube. Because I believe this can actually be quite damaging and also I think YouTube’s better at knowing whom to show our content to than we are most of the time. So I’m just going to keep our channel complete secret.

YouTube Studio Monetization


I’ve determined every other purpose is to attempt to get extra go back visitors in a 28 day duration then i’ve subscribers. Now this is now no longer a mystery hack of the set of rules or anything. And of path I need to hold getting new human beings coming, however I sense like go back visitors to a channel are your network as they may be lively and subscribers are not continually and YouTube suggests you your go back visitors within side the returned end. So to me that specialize in go back visitors will assist the channel get monetized.
But additionally construct the proper sort of network to assist it develop quicker in theory. So now I want to give an explanation for to you the approach I could use carried out monetization so fast. We’re regularly taught that we have to make movies for seek within side the beginning. You know the kind of thing, how to do videos with lots of keywords in the title, that means when 75 of views on YouTube come from suggested views, why would you ignore this the whole problem with that is though suggested is a very different game so


Traffic Sources

This is information approximately in which your movies are located on YouTube. So we have browse and when you click it, you can see that’s videos discovered on the home page and subscription feed and here suggested, which is those videos down the side of search. Which you guessed it is in search and then others those are kind of the big three but then each traffic source has its own algorithm.
So in case you get a excessive percent of human beings click on for your video. When it is proven to them on the house web page, YouTube will then supply that video extra impressions on the house web page which is that this parent right here a completely vital parent. But on the identical time if that percent may be very low in suggested, YouTube will forestall selling that video in that a part of YouTube and that is it in its simplest form and that’s kind of the problem because in many cases, you tend to see content made for search doesn’t do that well in browse. Which is likewise a massive hassle for constructing the ones repeat visitors. Because they watch what’s suggested to them and getting suggested just requires a different approach.

YouTube Studio Monetization

Now to provide an instance shall we say i am going to make a video approximately a way to recruit someone, a seek primarily based totally video could be known as a way to rent a brand new recruit. Because that’s what people type into search. Right hassle with that is regularly while YouTube begins off evolved suggesting those movies as a test. Let’s say on the home page it’s just not that interesting.
It so a identify written for an set of rules doesn`t have the identical effect on a human. So with counseled you turn it and also you name the video some thing like doing this repels pinnacle talent. And it is all approximately writing titles that attraction to humans that intrigue extra as opposed to some thing it is complete of key words. By the manner I simply paused this to permit you to recognize which you nonetheless will want a few keywords, however they may be now no longer everything.

So which will try this nicely you want to spend the time running out who your visitors are and what they truly care approximately. Because in case you do not do this you may by no means set up what it’s far they may click on on. So to try this you undergo a technique it is called constructing an Avatar(Avatars are not unusual place in advertising the concept is you figure out one, three or four different types of people who might be interested in your content or your service).
The extra you study those humans the less complicated it’s far to give you titles that they may click on on. Because they’ll feel like you’re talking directly to them, so to create an avatar, I put myself in my viewers shoes and listed all of the things. I thought they might care about their fears their frustration their age location, how much they earn what they did on the weekend what they thought about the second. They woke up and i ended up with this spreadsheet, right.

YouTube Studio Monetization

So now let’s look at their fears being stuck in the place. They’re in now in a few years time not being able to sell enough to get by never making anything of themselves despite their best efforts and falling behind the crowd. So are you able to see how considering these items will come up with the capacity to give you a identify? that this type of humans could be manner extra interested by clicking on.
For example struggling to sell your ex try this. It’s just so much more impactful than how to sell x online in 2023, the best selling tips ever using that exact structure on a video from the new channel. It picked up 13000 views so far. The majority as you may see it from counseled and read and it is nonetheless transferring within side the proper direction.
So then started researching other channels in the niche looking for what they did that worked well, what types of videos did they make, how did they produce content, what questions did people have in the comments and something happened just completely freely. So I’ve even just stumbled across something that’s really good news or really bad news.
Basically all the opposition I’ve been sorting out type of overlaying the identical subject matter and what i have found out is none of them are genuinely concentrated on the frustrations and the matters that i have written down on my spreadsheet. In fact, I’ve now no longer genuinely discovered one video speak me approximately the matters that I need to speak approximately and that i suppose humans need to recognize approximately.

YouTube Studio Monetization

So what that would suggest is there may be simply 0 marketplace in any respect for my concept or extra thrilling choice is that i have discovered a gap, due to the fact if there may be a few degree of call for like this is probably a winner.
So on my avatars my research I then set out to plan my strategy. Right here is my plan video one goes to goal a breaking information object with the intention to with a bit of luck get the ball rolling deliver in some perspectives and building up the preliminary target target market films, three and four. I’m going to target evergreen search terms video five that’s what i’m going to hopefully target frustrations and interests and goals and all those things that i’ve put on that avatar sheet the important thing right here could be to ensure those films labored with the films that i had made earlier than for search.
Now what I mean by that is, if they find a video in search what would be the next thing they would want to know about after watching that video. So I sat down and wrote up some title ideas and then started making the videos and got underway and here’s what happened video one targeting the news. So the primary video were given 2 hundred perspectives in days. I did truely no promoting everywhere after which as anticipated it crashed some days later and not anything else came about to it. Then video tanked 20 perspectives in months video 3. It changed into a actual gradual overall performance for 12 days.

YouTube Studio Monetization

It did pretty much nothing and then at the same time it took off in the search results and on the home page and in suggested.
So simply endure that during thoughts sometimes, it takes a bit whilst for matters to get going. Then the fourth release also built for certs and suggested. But this changed into the decisive second right here and observe this one were given picked up in seek inside some hours which to me says probable now no longer a subject that nicely catered for and those are seeking out that information. So I decided to make more around that topic and that then led me onto this bad boy which now has over 41000 views in two months 10 days. And I built up 1400 unique viewers. So I decided, it changed into time to begin focused on getting browse and cautioned perspectives.
So remember, I said that I noticed these other channels were not covering topics I thought that my target viewer or avatar would be interested in on my spreadsheet well. This next video I thought, it was time to test that out I made a video on what I kind of thought their biggest issue would be that, they could need fixing and I launched it and it tanked which changed into surely irritating and that`s a feeling. I get quite plenty each day on YouTube approximately this channel.
So I moved directly to attempt every other concept primarily based totally round a problem. I notion all of them had and that failed to tank virtually picked up 800 perspectives within side the first 24 hours after which an afternoon or so later this occurred the preceding video. I thought would either crash or burn actually got picked up by browse and suggested and one i’ve found two topics in the same week that were hit right next to each other. So I went and made greater movies in that collection and that they went directly to do pretty nicely too and that brings us as much as this second.

YouTube Studio Monetization


So YouTube just emailed me and told me that i’m monetized which is great, because I only started my channel six weeks ago here’s my watch time .I’m kind of shocked at how well this has worked but the thing that really surprised me was I’d actually been making faceless videos before this point. So I was never actually on camera. Because things were going so well. I decided to get in front of the lens and it just made the biggest difference suddenly my inbox was flooded. This is crazy, that is all of the sponsorship emails I’ve received. All of these are from brands who have reached out for a sponsorship deal .I did not expect that and that brings me up to where I was yesterday.
So it is been simply beneath 90 days now since. I started the challenge and did I hit the goals well, yes monetization happened in six weeks. But greater importantly within side the final 28 days my go back visitors were better than the quantity of subscribers i have. With just under 4000 of them I’ve currently got 3200 subscribers and probably the most unexpected thing is the whole sponsorship side of this, which was not even a thought in my mind at the beginning and I’m about to start my sixth sponsored video.
But there is something I need to tell you because I’m not being 100% honest. See I failed to virtually begin a brand new YouTube channel, I began out the opposite channel. I went for the traditional search based strategy. Now regular viewers will know a few months ago. I actually unlisted hundreds of videos from this channel that were ranking in search and bringing in quite a lot of views.
But I removed them, because I thought it was kind of attracting the wrong audience. So I re-uploaded them to this new chat four months later. This is the result zero subscribers and I kind of feel that speaks for itself. Really now I’m not saying search is dead or not to do it. You’ve seen that it played a part in this challenge, but actually spending the time on working out who your viewers are what they care about and how to write titles that really appeal to them as people, not algorithms that’s the thing. I think you should consider looking at now. But let’s not ignore the two elephants in the room though firstly probably wouldn’t be fair. If I didn’t make it crystal clear, if i’d not found this gap in the research phase then this would not have happened as fast.

YouTube Studio Monetization

But then again that’s why you should do the research, right. But also the niche of the new channel is just way less competitive than the niche film booths. I’m not competing against peter mckinnon and some of the biggest and best video creators in the world.
So there’s no doubt that the niche was a lot easier than film boots and secondly I’ve been making videos since i was 14. So for this project I didn’t have to learn how to film write edit produce present and all of the things that new channels have to learn to do before they can make any real progress and get the kind of retention and click-through rates that you need for this to work so well and that’s a valid lesson.
Because YouTube’s just not a level playing field, but most importantly, if you want to give your channel the best fighting chance possible of doing something like this.
So you need to learn to make the best videos you can. That’s why you need to watch this posts next, because I used every tip that’s in this post and of course if you’re wondering what my channel was as well I still don’t want the wrong people turning up to watch it. So maybe you’ll bump into me another time.




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